La Cartuja Stadium in Seville

Supply, transportation and replacement of the grass at the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville for the FINAL match of the COPA DEL REY that pitted Real Betis Balompié against Valencia C.F., winning the team from Seville capital. This work was carried out following all the indications provided by Real Federación Española de Fútbol, the organizing entity of this sporting event.

Atlético Baleares Training Field

Renovation of the playing field of the Atlético Baleares Training Field by forming the rooting layer for the subsequent sowing of English Ray Grass and Poa pratensis seeds, including a complete irrigation and drainage system.

Golf Courses Marbella

The team of TURF GREEN workers qualified for this type of operation travelled to Marbella, and using our specialized machinery, was in charge of installing more than 3,000 square meters of our CERTIFIED BERMUDA TIFWAY 419 in golf courses in the area.

Football field in Ceuta

Regeneration of the "Athletics Track" football field in Ceuta by sowing BERMUDA seed, with an approximate area of ​​7,500 square meters. For the renovation of the playing field, aeration, reseeding and sand dressing operations have been carried out, all of them carried out by TURF GREEN staff specialized in this type of function and with enginery from our own park that was transferred to the African continent.

HSBC World Rugby at Cartuja

So that everything was ready to play the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series (world rugby seven series), TURF GREEN was in charge of the supply, transport and installation at the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville. The sod chosen was our Sport mix (English Ray Grass and Poa pratensis) in MAGNUM BIG ROLL format. The installation of the sod was carried out using specialized self-propelled machinery with qualified operators accompanied by a qualified technician exercising construction management.

Sevilla’s FC Sports City

Regeneration of the artificial turf fields in the Sevilla’s FC Sports City, Ramón Sánchez Cisneros. Operation conducted with cork-based material. Work executed using a KUBOTA tractor with flotation wheels together with a RINK 1622 STANDARD model top dresser with a hopper capacity of 2.5m3. TURF GREEN’s workers have been in charge of conducting the loading and spreading operations of the material, as well as the specific handling of the equipment used.

Nuevo Mirandilla Renovation

After Alejandro Sanz's concert at Nuevo Mirandilla, TURF GREEN’s team travelled to the capital of Cadiz to renovate the pitch of the Ramón de Carranza Stadium through earthmoving operations and formation of the rooting layer for the subsequent installation of the sod of our BERMUDA TIFWAY 419 in MAXI ROLL format.

Ramón Sánchez Cisneros Sports City

Construction from scratch of pitches A, B and C at Ramón Sánchez Cisneros Sports City, training ground for all categories of Sevilla FC. This work began with the initial excavation of the rough terrain, for the subsequent levelling of the box where the playing field would be located, together with the design and construction of the drainage network, as well as the supply, transport and contribution of all the gravel, sand and topsoil necessary for the creation of the cultivation layer, on which the thousands of meters of BERMUDA TIFWAY 419 in BIG ROLL format were placed, which were transported in refrigerated trailers to be unloaded and placed by a specialized TURF GREEN’s workers in these labour, with the enginery that the company has to carry out these tasks.

El Palmar Stadium

Regeneration of the El Palmar Stadium for Atlético Sanluqueño consisting of scarification, reseeding, sand topdressing, aeration by puncturing and dragging.

Real Zaragoza’s Sport City

Renovation of the pitches 5 and 6 from Real Zaragoza´s Sport City, with a total area of ​​approximately 17,500 square metres. TURF GREEN’s team moved to Zaragoza, has carried out earth moving operations and installation of turf from our SPORT mix (English Ray Grass and Poa pratensis) in BIG ROLL format.

Villaviciosa de Odón for TEN SPORT CENTER, NBA & LIGA

Construction of the artificial turf playing field in Villaviciosa de Odón for TEN SPORT CENTER, NBA & LIGA. The operations that have been carried out in the capital have consisted of levelling and compacting the subbase, carrying out complete drainage, installation of the irrigation system, supply, contribution and spreading of the different types of gravel and finally installation of synthetic grass according to FIFA specifications.

La Romareda Stadium

Renovation of the pitch “La Romareda”, where the team from the city, Real Zaragoza, plays its matches, with a surface area of ​​more than 9,000 square metres. TURF GREEN´s team moved to Zaragoza, has carried out earth moving operations and installation of turf from our SPORT mix (English Ray Grass and Poa pratensis) in BIG ROLL format.