Natural grass

We have all types of natural grass rolls that are normally used. We have studied all possible combinations of species and varieties of seeds to develop a series of mixtures that are fully adapted to all climates and types of terrain in our country. Likewise, we also have completely pure grasses (Bermudagrass, Paspalum, Agrostis, Zoysia, etc.). We even offer the possibility of making sod on request, with those mixtures that our clients may prefer or that are demanded in those projects that they have to execute. We are specialists in grass sod for soccer fields: soccer stadiums, training fields and sports fields in general.

Our seed varieties:


80% Festuca Arundinacea and 20% Poa Pratensis. It is the mix that best suits most areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Low water need. Medium/high resistance to diseases. Good resistance to high and low temperatures. Very widespread use in public gardening, municipal swimming pools and sports facilities.


60% English Ray Grass and 40% Poa Pratensis. Mix of fine and elegant texture. Great ornamental quality. Medium/high water requirement. Quick implantation and great resistance to pulling out. Very widespread use in quality sports facilities: grass for soccer fields and sports fields in general.

Bermuda TIFWAY 419

Hybrid species. Specially created to resist drought and disease. It admits irrigation with poor quality water. Very fine texture. Supports low mowing. Very easy maintenance.

Paspalum Vaginatum

Species fully adapted to high salinity conditions. Little demanding in risks. It supports very low mowing, being able to be used on golf course greens.

Agrostis Stolonífera

It is the grass of the greens of the golf courses. Great blade fineness. It is the species that admits the lowest mowing. It needs professional maintenance.

Zoysia Japónica

Widely used in public gardening. Minimal maintenance and cutting requirements. Extremely slow growth. Few fertilizers needs.